Prices and items subject to change.







Mixed Greens Salad...$6.50

lemon vinaigrette dressing


Caesar Salad...$6.75

eggless Caesar dressing, Tuscan croutons & Parmesan grana


Apple Salad ...$9.50

baby arugula, shaved red onions, roasted pecans,

goat cheese crema & apple cider glaze


Warm Bacon & Spinach Salad...$7.25

fresh spinach, warm bacon vinaigrette & Parmesan grana


Boston Bibb & Watercress Salad...$7.50

toasted walnut dressing & a "shower" of Maytag blue cheese


Greek Salad...$8.00

hearts of Romaine, organic grape tomatoes, red onions & feta cheese


Tuscan Antipasto...$10.50

balsamic roasted red peppers, hot capicola, za'atar roasted carrots,

feta cheese, aigre-doux Cipollini onions, marinated mushrooms & Provolone,

Danish & Fontina wedges


Asparagus Frites...$8.25

crispy asparagus, arugula & honey mustard aioli


Pan Braised PEI Mussels...$10.50

roasted tomato, cracked olives, spicy peppers & fried Tuscan croutons


Rhode Island Calamari...$10.50

hot cherry peppers, garlic & lemon aioli


Tomato & Spinach Soup...$7.00

fresh tomato, whole leaf spinach, orzo & shaved Parmesan grana

in a rich chicken broth thickened with semolina polenta







our version of the traditional: tomato sauce, mozzarella & fresh basil

· with extra cheese - $15.00

· this pizza may also be made with our New Haven thick crust


Figs Calzone....$11.00

country ham, pepperoni, Roma tomatoes, fresh basil & mozzarella



mozzarella, sweet onions, vine ripe tomatoes, arugula, extra virgin olive oil

& balsamic vinegar


Classico di Baffetti...$12.00

basil oil, tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil & shaved Parmesan grana



country ham, aged provolone, fresh asparagus & sweet onion


Fig & Prosciutto...$18.50

crisp rosemary crust with fig & balsamic jam, prosciutto & gorgonzola cheese



portobello mushrooms, wild mushroom purée, roasted red onions , Fontina cheese

& truffle oil


Spicy Shrimp...$18.75

spicy gulf shrimp with caramelized leeks & tomato sauce


Crispy Eggplant...$18.00

tomato sauce, sliced eggplant, mozzarella, whipped ricotta & torn basil


Spicy Chicken Sausage...$17.00

our own chicken sausage, herbed ricotta, balsamic onions & a light tomato sauce


Roasted Pulled Chicken...$18.00

gruyere cheese, basil oil & caramelized onions


Bronx Bomber...$16.50 

pepperoni, tomato sauce, mozzarella & fresh basil


Four Cheese...$17.00

basil oil, tomato sauce, mozzarella, Fontina, herbed ricotta & provolone cheese


Fried Calamari...$18.50

crispy calamari, tomato sauce, arugula, hot peppers & lemon aioli


Red Sox...$18.25

caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, sweet sausage, mozzarella, tomato sauce & mustard aioli


½ and ½ pizza orders are charged according to the higher priced pizza






Pan Roasted Salmon.... $18.50

potato gnocchi, Brussels sprouts, bacon, fresh crab meat & Dijon mustard drizzle


Pan Roasted Jumbo Scallops ...$19.00

wild mushroom risotto, Parmigiano-Reggiano & red wine jus


Old School Tuscan Bolognese...$16.00

tagliatelle tossed in a Fontina burro fuso with grated Parmesan cheese


Chicken Oreganato...$17.50

oven roasted boneless chicken, feta cheese, Tuscan croutons & tomato salad


Macaroni SIMONE...$11.75

baked Ditalini in a four-cheese cream, peas, toasted garlicky bread crumbs & parsley

add Lobster.........$22.00


Chicken Parmesan...$17.50

crispy chicken breast, spicy sausage, baked rigatoni, mozzarella cheese & escarole


Slow Braised Short Rib Pappardelle...$18.00

roasted pearl onions & pistachio gremolata


Figs Carbonara ...$15.00

Fedelini pasta, pancetta, Parmesan cheese & crushed peppercorns




roasted tomatoes, toasted garlic, fresh basil, seasoned bread crumbs & Parmesan grana

add Tuscan meatballs...$15.00



Steak Pasta...$17.50

Shaved steak, roasted Portabello mushrooms, rigatoni, five cheese sauce

& roasted red peppers