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Why did you bring your show to public television and not cable?
I thought about going to other networks with this series, but public television really had the greatest potential for the show. The demographic and the willingness to be creative really worked for the concept of the show. I like to think of my show as educational, so it is a perfect fit for public television.

What is new this season?
For the second season of Food Trip, I’ll visit five all-new international destinations: Israel, Peru, India, Thailand and South Africa. I’ll also head back to Italy and Japan to continue to collect culinary ideas and inspiration from my travels. Then I continue to wrap up each episode by inviting viewers into my own Boston-area kitchen to demonstrate how the world’s rich flavors and techniques inspire me to reinvent traditional cuisine.

What separates Food Trip with Todd English from other cooking shows?
This series allows viewers to journey into the mind of a chef like myself, traveling alongside me as I find inspiration for new dishes, menus and restaurants.

What is your favorite food/dish?

What don’t you like to eat?
Green peppers

What is the process to go from a single restaurant to an enterprise with multiple restaurant concepts and chains?
The most important thing to maintain in the transition from a single restaurant to multiple restaurants is to keep up the level of quality in every aspect. This means the cuisine, atmosphere, service, and professionalism need to all be uniform.

How do you know when a new concept will support a restaurant or chain?
That’s a difficult question. You hope that through research and knowledge of the industry that people will embrace a new concept, but it’s really about your gut feeling.

What gets you excited about opening a new restaurant?
I always think of opening a new restaurant as having a new baby. You have to come up with a name, a concept, a menu, and put it all on paper. Being able to see all your thoughts and ideas materialize is so exciting.

Food Trip with Todd English

Food Trip with Todd English is produced by Todd English Productions, presented by WGBH Boston, and distributed by American Public Television.
Funding for Food Trip with Todd English is provided by Contessa Premium Foods, Ruffino and Chandon.