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What do you do to stay “fresh”?
I workout as much as I can and stay active through travel. Travel is good for both the body and the mind.

Why do you travel?
I travel to learn and experience new things and cultures. It feels like I live out of a suitcase sometimes. I love Asia and Europe—especially Japan, Korea and Italy. I love the cultures of each location.

What catches your eye for inspiration?
I am really inspired by art in all of its forms. I love painting and sculpture, but I am especially inspired by color. I look for anything that captures my senses and makes me pause for a moment.

What was the inspiration to develop Food Trip?
I have had so many amazing experiences throughout my travels over the years. The people I have met, food and culture I have encountered and sights I have seen are all things that I feel extremely fortunate to have experienced, so I wanted to share them with other people.

Do you serve any of the recipes developed for the show at your restaurants?
Absolutely. Many of the dishes are served in variation at several of my restaurants.

How did you develop your approach to creating dishes?
I take what I learn from each travel experience and try to put my own spin on it when I recreate the dish in my kitchen. I also try to keep to the origin of the dish while enhancing the flavors.

How closely does Food Trip resemble your creative process?
It would say it’s about 50/50. The show captures a lot of the cultural aspect of why certain dishes are the way they are. It also shows how I work through the sensibility and aesthetics of dishes.


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Food Trip with Todd English

Food Trip with Todd English is produced by Todd English Productions, presented by WGBH Boston, and distributed by American Public Television.
Funding for Food Trip with Todd English is provided by Contessa Premium Foods, Ruffino and Chandon.