• Gras Pistas
I learned to make Gras Pistas from Nadia Santini in a small restaurant called Dal Pescatore in the Montava region of Italy.
• Basic Tomato Sauce
Our standard pizza and spaghetti sauce. Don't add too many flavors. Don't overdo it.
• Almond Pesto
I love the combo of toasty almonds and basil as opposed to the more classic pine nuts or walnuts. Spread this on pizza, toss with spaghetti, or place a dollop on a baked potato and call me on your way to heaven.
• Roasted Eggplant Mediterraneo
Instead of sautéing the eggplant, we roast it, which produces an eggplant dish with a rich, smoky flavor and little fat. It can be used like salsa and makes a great dip for crudités and pita toasts.
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